CIP Custom Formwork




Building concrete structures requires formwork and manpower. Project profitability highly depends on how predictable and durable the forms are and how many workers-hours the crew needs to put in for assembling, operating, stripping and getting the forms ready again for the next pour. This recipe holds true as much for small 1-cubic yard forms as it does for large-scale 1000-cubic yard forms.


Each EVEREST form is tailored to your exact project needs. The EVEREST engineers and designers will work with your personnel in an iterative process to optimize the forming solution and to offer your field crew an equipment that is safe, ergonomic, highly dependable and fast to operate.

Large-Scale Formwork – A wall form resisting a 1600 ton push


A client that had never worked before with Everest called. They were bidding on a job in which the owners had to abandon a section of an underground salt mine due to the continuous infiltration of water and deadly hydrogen sulfide gas. The scale of the work was challenging: they had to build eight 1800-yd³ mass-concrete monolith plugs with a unique concrete mix that took three weeks to set.  In addition, they only had a relatively short amount of time to complete the work.


They needed a formwork system that could be brought down a narrow mineshaft elevator and assembled with limited handling equipment inside a cramped tunnel. All the tunnels had different cross-sections, so the form had to be adjustable in size. Since the diamond-shaped concrete plug reached into the rock much further out from the tunnel face, the resulting liquid concrete head was to generate the incredible pressure of 6000 lbs/ft² at the bottom of the form for a sustained period of three weeks.

This is the equivalent pressure found at the bottom of a 100-ft deep water tank, except that the bottom of that tank is the form itself, holding the water in.


Everest worked with their client in coordination with an established concrete hardware manufacturer to develop anchors that could each withstand a 120,000 lbs shear load, together holding 1,600 ton of thrust.


The forms performed well during all eight pours and not a single cubic yard of concrete was spilled.

Small-Scale Formwork


No job or form is too small for EVEREST. The engineering team thrives on finding solutions to building high quality formwork tools that will help you build your project fast. Contact our specialists to have your project evaluated.

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