Access & Mining Shafts




Shafts are an essential part of the support and supply system for the work flow underground.

Vent shafts will guide an adequate supply of fresh air while access and equipment shafts provide an adequate supply of men and material. Whether concreting from the bottom up or from the top down, EVEREST shaft forms can be an important part of your time and cost cutting operation.


They will provide concrete permanence and stability to newly excavated shaft walls.



We design a work environment custom to addresses all your needs as it is custom built. It’s faster, so it’s even more economic as you save on time and labor in the long run.

When concreting up from the bottom, EVEREST custom shaft forms are moved from one pour to another as it extends your shaft lining up to the top.


Once the key panel is pulled free from the wall, the form is stripped and raised to the next pour level.


EVEREST hanging work platforms can he lowered right onto the center of the form to give your men direct access to the formwork.



They are manufactured with a maximum of safety and workability.


As in the mining industry where blasting, mucking and lining work must be carried on simultaneously from the top down, EVEREST can provide you with our dependable blast proof forms.


On all vertical linings, EVEREST formwork and equipment will help you meet your deadlines SAFELY and ECONOMICALLY.

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