Vehicular Tunnels


Rising gasoline prices, increasing population and the growth of commercial centers surrounded by satellite communities are all factors behind mounting expenditures for rapid transit development.


Whether a daily automobile commuter or weekend traveler, highway tunnels blast shortcuts through solid mountains of rock. Simply put, tunnels save fuel, time and human energy.



For decades EVEREST has aided contractors in solving the complex problems of concreting subway, highway and railroad tunnels in a wide variety of locations and working conditions. The equipment supplied has been as varied as the application.


This area of tunnel concreting can involve rather massive formwork and unusual tunnel shapes and diameters. These massive jobs call for both design flexibility and equipment versatility.


EVEREST has proven itself countless times in this area by supplying massive yet manageable forms, such as the EVEREST form used in Quebec, Canada on the Laval AMT Subway tunnel.



Before a single subway track is laid, EVEREST carriers are already engaging in their form of “rapid transit”. EVEREST tunnel forms can be pretty heavy passengers but our carriers easily support and move the load.


Our carriers are made strong, not bulky.


We can supply fully powered formwork with custom designed control systems for maximum maneuverability and productivity.

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Water & Sewage Tunnels


Mushrooming urban growth has greatly increased the demand for all types of public services.


Massive population shifts have triggered accelerated urban expansion in the most economically viable regions of the country.


As people pour into bustling cities and sprawling communities, the demand for water and sewage facilities grows significantly. Like the expanding root system of a tree, the modern city must expand its water/sewage tunnel system.



EVEREST Equipment Co. is helping contractors meet this tremendous demand for water and sewage facilities.


EVEREST provides contractors with a well-designed line of tunnel forms for efficient tunnel construction. EVEREST forms are simple and versatile.


The smooth telescoping action ensures that the concreting work flows as easily as the water that will occupy the tunnels once the work is completed.



Water and sewage tunnels can often taper to very small diameters. Working conditions are often cramped, and space is a premium. EVEREST has a full line of forming and placing equipment that is compact enough to work under tight conditions.


Even at smaller diameters, EVEREST form carrier systems swiftly move collapsed form sections through the tunnel. If the job requires continuous pouring, needle beam carriers from EVEREST quickly shuttle the formwork forward until the job is complete.


EVEREST formwork is designed for use on specific jobs, but with proper maintenance durable EVEREST forms can often be adapted for use on future projects.




Hydro-Electric Tunnels


Energy. Clean, renewable energy.


The cost, conservation and environmental impact of energy have become some of the most significant hot-button issues of this century.


In a time when countries invest billions of dollars in development of every possible energy resource, it is not surprising that clean, efficient hydro-electric power is one of the most promising energy sources of our time.



Enormous hydro-electric construction projects involving vast outlays of labor, equipment and financial resources have been launched in the last two decades, yet only less than a quarter of the world’s potential for hydroelectric energy has been tapped.


Though highly advanced, a country like the United States has only tapped approximately 43% of its hydro-electric potential. With a population which consumes the highest amount of energy per capita in the world, and a push toward clean and renewable sources of energy, American contractors will no doubt see increasing hydro-electric tunnel work in the coming decade both at home and abroad.



Large diameter tunnels blasted through ancient rock formations are at the heart of many hydro-electric plants. EVEREST has played a crucial part in some of the largest hydro-electric projects in the last quarter century.


EVEREST formwork was chosen for much of the tunnel lining work for a remarkable series of hydro-electric dams known as the James Bay project situated high in the virgin territories of northern Canada. Using efficient management techniques and reliable EVEREST construction forms, James Bay contractors managed to complete this mammoth project significantly under budget.

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